What is Tricamp?

Every three years we are going on Tricamp, together with Dutch, English and Swedish scouts and explorers. The country that hosts Tricamp rotates, which means that we can visit The Netherlands, England or Sweden every nine years. In 1985 the first official Tricamp was hosted by The Netherlands in Austerlitz.

You can compare Tricamp with almost every other camp, but a lot bigger because we are going on camp with our Dutch, English and Swedish friends! We arrive on Saturday at the campsite and set up our tents. We will be divided in international patrols. This means that you form a group with Dutch, English and Swedish scouts with whom you’ll do most of all the activities that are organised. Eating and sleeping will be done with your friends from your own country. We will also go on a two-day hike and sleep on an extraordinary location, most of the time underneath a tarp.

What is Aftercamp?

After a week of really cool activities we will go on a last exciting activity on a different location with our new friends, called aftercamp! When you are abroad, you will sleep in a clubhouse or at your new friends in home hospitality. When Tricamp is in your own country, you will sleep in your own bed, but you can choose to let your new friends stay with you at your house.

What is Home Hospitality?

Did you make new friends during Tricamp? For some countries it is possible to have a sleep-over during aftercamp! Unfortunately, not all the countries are allowed to go in home-hospitality. So be sure to check with the staff if it is allowed.

When Tricamp is in your own country you can ask your friends if they will stay with you during aftercamp. On your application for Tricamp you can tell how many scouts or explorers can stay at your house. They already brought their sleeping bag and -mat, so you don’t really need to have a bed for them (though, after a full week of camp a real bed is pretty nice). During Tricamp the staff will inventory who wants to stay with who and keep contact about this with the home front.

When Tricamp is not in your own country and you have made some new friends, it is possible to stay with your new friends at their house. The organizing country will inventorize who wants to stay with who and if this is possible. It is possible you will get a nice bed, but it is also possible you will have to sleep in your sleeping bag on your sleeping mat.

What do you bring to Tricamp?

Your own staff will you inform you in time about everything concerning Tricamp, they will also provide you with a list of items to pack. You can start preparing by making sure you have a sleeping bag and -mat and proper shoes/boots for the hike. You are also allowed to bring a bit of pocket money to buy sweets or a souvenir.

Do you need to able to speak English, Dutch or Swedish?

That would be pretty cool, but it is not necessary. Although not all the participants can speak a different language yet, they will learn during camp, and you as well! Just ask your staff, most of them went on Tricamp when they were your age and can tell you all about it.

History of Tricamp

In 1973 Ivy, Leif, Linda, Frans and some other leaders and scouts form Engeland, The Netherlands and Sweden came together in Petterweil, Germany. The leaders knew each other from an international camp and were so excited, they decided to go on camp together.

This camp was repeated several times between 1976 and 1984. But, the countries didn’t come together yet as we know it as Tricamp now.

In 1985 the first official Tricamp was hosted by The Netherlands in Austerlitz. Participating groups were: Marco Polo Delft, 1st Broad Oak & Punnets Town and the Järnbrott. Throughout the years the participating groups varied.

Tricamp throughout the years:

1985Austerlitz, the Netherlands
1988Broadstone Warren, England
1991Lysestrand, Sweden Gullmarn 91
1994Aerdenhout, the NetherlandsPirates
1997Broadstone Warren, EnglandFriendship
2000Kragenäs, SwedenYggdrasil
2003Elburg, the NetherlandsVOC
2006Ferny Croft, New Forest, England99 years
2009Apelhult, SwedenSilvarboria
2012Bergen op Zoom, the NetherlandsEgypt
2015Adamswell, Tunbridge Wells, EnglandEnglish Village
2018Kragenäs, SwedenZIRKON XVIII
2023Brunssum, the Netherlands
(delayed 2 years due to the COVID-pandemic)