Tricamp 2023

These are the details of the camp:

For who: scouts, explorers.
Tricamp: Saturday the 29th of july 2023 – Saturday, the 5th of August.
Aftercamp: Saturday, the 5th August – Tuesday, the 8th of August
Location: de Heikop, Brunssum (Limburg)


We’ve received a letter from King Godfried of Bouillion the-so-many-est, from The Middle of Nowhere, quite an honor! He invites us to celebrate the 1000-something anniversary of his great lands. Who would have thought? That is exactly when we are on Tricamp! We decided to combine the two, Tricamp together with these great activities. In The Middle of Nowhere, at the great grounds of Godfried van Bouillion the-so-many-est.


You can compare Tricamp with almost every other camp, bit a lot bigger because we are going on camp with our Dutch, English and Swedish friends! We arrive on Saturday at the campsite and set up our tents. We will be divided in international patrols. This means that you form a group with Dutch, English and Swedish scouts with whom you’ll do most of all the activities that are organised. You will be eating and sleeping with your friends from your own country. We will also go on a two-day hike and sleep at an extraordinary location, probably underneath a sail.

After a week of really awesome activities we are going to visit Delft with our new international friends. The Dutch will show you the amazing city of Delft and there is going to be one last exciting activity, we call this aftercamp. The Dutch scouts and explorers will sleep in their own bed, the other countries can choose for home hospitality.


We expect about 230 participants! It sounds like a lot, but it includes a big group of staff (who have been on Tricamp many many times!). From The Netherlands a big group from the Marco Polo will join, there will also be a small group from Scouting Schipluiden. From Sweden we expect about 6 groups and from England 6 groups as well.


We need many many people to organize Tricamp! We have divided everything that needs to be organized in several committees:

  • Main organisation
  • Program and Theme
  • Hike
  • Food
  • Material en Terrain
  • First Aid
  • Aftercamp
  • Website and Social Media